Treating Arthritis Naturally In Dogs and Cats

Treating arthritis naturally in dogs and cats

Treating Arthritis in dogs and cats can now be done naturally.  Arthritis is a pain literally for your dog or cat it means they can miss out on the fun things in life and feel pretty miserable at the same time.

The good news is, there are safe and effective ways to ease the pain without resorting to drugs or medications.

What You Can Do In Treating Arthritis Naturally

Recognising the signs of arthritis is the first step to helping your dog lead a happier life. Arthritis is a condition that comes on gradually and it is easy to understand that the symptoms can be overlooked; you see your pet every day so subtle changes are hard to spot. Do not fret though, there are many things you can do to help.  We recommend that you discuss the following suggestions with your Vet before proceeding.

Weight loss

This may involve calorie restriction, change in pet food brand, increase in exercise, or a combination of all of the above.

Fish Oil Supplementation

This can be a very cost effective treatment that has other health benefits in addition to improving joint function

A Healthy Diet

Let’s face it this is the foundation of your dog’s health Try diets that are minimally processed with limited grains. A fresh food meat based diet works best for most arthritic dogs.


When treating arthritis naturally supplements specifically for joint health such as chondroitin and glucosamine are a must for your pet. We recommend PetaPrin a unique formulate which helps with joint pain in your pet.  Improvements can be seen in days.

Chiropractic (for dogs)

When a dog has joint pain, they alter weight bearing and restrict joint motion, both of which create abnormal function in other joints too, most commonly the neck and back. Chiropractic evaluation identifies area of the dog’s spine with abnormal motion. Treatment aims at restoring mobility. This can reduce pain and get your dog moving much more comfortably


Similar to chiropractic, acupuncture can increase joint mobility. The insertion of needles improves blood flow to tight muscles. Relieving muscle tension permits joints to move better. Acupuncture also works as a pain control method, allowing reduced doses of other drugs or supplements

Laser Therapy

Also called “low level laser”, this is light at specific frequencies absorbed by the cells. Laser therapy has similar benefits and mechanisms of action to acupuncture. It can reduce pain, relieve muscle spasm, and improve joint motion


Getting your pet in the water will allow joints to move more freely and yes cats can enjoy the water too.  This is a great non-drug way to improve mobility and relieve pain. Depending on your dog’s preferences and specific problems, free swimming may work great, or you may get better results with water treadmill exercise. It can also be a great way to help your pet lose weight

Physical Therapy (more suited for dogs)

Water therapy is part of physical therapy but there is also the “floor exercises” part. A certified canine physical therapist can evaluate your dog’s joint mobility and design a treatment plan that includes stretching and exercises, some of which you can do at home with your dog


Most dogs and cats love a massage! Done by a certified practitioner this is much more than just good scratch and belly rub. In some cases massage can actually accomplish the same results as chiropractic or acupuncture.

Modifying Your Pets Environment

You might get a ramp for your dog to get in and out of the car, or to avoid steps. You can lay down runner carpet over hard wood floors. Or you can try booties on the dog. That will allow the feet to grip better on all surfaces.

Some dogs appreciate a softer bed, or a raised canvas bed. A good bedding area is important so the dog can find a comfortable position for restful sleep.

For post-surgical cases or if your dog needs a booster lift to get up, be sure to protect your own joints.

Finally don’t expect too much from your pet, sore joints cause pain so try not to be impatient.

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