Dorwest Milk Thistle Tablets


Dorwest Milk Thistle Tablets are a dietary supplement to be used when the liver is in need of extra support.




 Dorwest Milk Thistle tablets are a dietary supplement used when your dog’s liver is in need of extra support.

Features of Dorwest Milk Thistle Tablets

  • Milk Thistle fruit contains the well documented active ingredient Silymarin, which has hepatoprotective properties.
  • Supports the liver in many ways; but most importantly by scavenging free radicals that are associated with cell damage and transforming them into less harmful compounds.
  • The entire Milk Thistle fruit in our tablets as this provides not only the benefits of Silymarin
  • This also ensures that the “balancing” effects of the other constituents are retained.
  • The tablets are not coated and can be fed directly into the mouth or added to the daily feed.
  • They are safe for long and short term use as the conditions requires but should only be used when the liver is in need of support.
  • The tablets can be given in conjunction with conventional treatments and other herbal products, ideally under veterinary advice.
  • Dorwest Milk Thistle can be given from 8 weeks of age but are not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

For general wellbeing supplement we recommend Dorwest Keepers Mix

Additional Information

Ingredients: Milk Thistle seed extract 100mg (80% Silymarin)

Administration: 1 tablet per 5kgs bodyweight daily, split into at least 2 amounts during the day

Use during pregnancy and lactation: Not recommended

Age from which can be used: 8 weeks of age

Interactions: Can be given in conjunction with any other medication under veterinary advice

Long or short term use: Both as the condition requires.

Special warning: This product should only be used when the liver is in need of support.

Sugar coated tablet: No

Always read the label


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