Dog Clothing

Your Healthy Pet offers a wide range of specialist dog clothing.  These range from the when it is warm weather and your pooch is feeling the effects of the sun, hence the Thermlow Cooling Coat, to a range of drying coats, which are great for drying and keeping your dog warm whilst damp.  They also save your house or car from becoming a sea of mud or sand!!

If your four legged friend suffers from anxiety, well we have that covered too with our calming wraps and coats.  We also stock a range of high Vis coats together with waterproof.  In fact if you want dry, clam, cool or warm we have a coat which will help plus they are pretty stylish in to the bargain.

Here at Your Healthy Pet we also stock a range of shoes for your pooch whether it is to protect their paws from hot and painful pavement or icy and slippery sidewalks.


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