A Store for People who Care about their Pets


Here at Your Healthy Pet it really is your pet’s health that matters to us.  Our aim is simple, to help treat your pet naturally thus avoiding unnecessary prescription drugs or indeed surgery which can be invasive.

Our products treat a number of conditions, ranging from pain and joint problems, mobility, all health aspects such as digestion, urinary and skin and coat conditions.  We also believe that your pet should have fun as well, hence our range of interactive games and toys.  This helps your pet to be mentally healthy too.

We are Europe’s sole supplier of PetaPrin, a Veterinarian approved joint and pain care formula which has been specifically designed for dogs and cats.  This powerful pain and joint supplement is natural, safe, effective and the results can be seen in most cases within days, not weeks like other products on the market.

We know how much your pet matters to you because our pets mean the world to us.  If you have any questions or we can help in anyway please feel free to contact us.